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When do I need a wheel alignment or a wheel balance? Whats the difference?


Wheel alignment, wheel balance, tire rotation, which one do you need? Thats a common question that your local auto repair and service center receives every day. Its okay if you are not sure what is best for your vehicle, a good service center will ask you a few questions about how your vehicle is driving and help guide you to the best decision. Here are the basic differences between when you need a wheel alignment and when you need your tires balanced.

What happens when you take your hands off the steering wheel?

While we never recommend removing your hands from the steering wheel while driving, you can feel what the car wants to do even with both hands on the wheel. Does the car want to pull to the left or right? Is your steering wheel tilted to the left or right while driving straight down the road? ‘If you answer is yes to either of those then an alignment check is a wise choice. Wheel alignments in Escondido CA are a common maintenance item for many drivers due to the local road conditions and highway speeds that most cars driven.

How smooth and steady is your steering wheel at highway speeds?

We always recommend driving the speed limit (or slower) but if your steering wheel is shaking or vibrating while driving at highway speeds then you should let your local service shop know about it. The Service Advisor will likely recommend checking the tire and wheel balance as a first step to understanding why the steering wheel shakes. Steering wheel shaking is rarely caused by wheel alignment issues. With the number of highways in the Escondido area a good tire balance is crucial to safe driving at highway speeds.

Whatever your reason for asking where to get an alignment in Escondido we recommend you give us a call to discuss a quick check of your vehicle to keep you driving smooth.


Wheel alignments extend tire life and keep you driving straight on those Escondido highways