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No, not in color. 😉

To us, being a business owner is like being a leader in the community. It’s important to us to continuously do what we can to take care of our customers, our community, and the future of our planet.

So we’ve put a great deal of effort into making sure that our shop is as sustainable as possible.

As you know, cars have a tendency to be dirty. Car maintenance also produces a great deal of used parts, that are no longer useful to cars. We have worked with sustainability professionals to help us determine all of the ways in which we can contribute to a cleaner environment.

Here are just a few of the things that we do:

  • We do not use paper towels or disposable fender covers. We have our shop towels and fender covers (cloth to protect the paint of cars) cleaned to minimize waste.
  • We use an aquaus parts washer, that stores hot soapy water, to clean up parts. We do not use aerosols with harmful environmental impacts.
  • We use high efficiency lights.
  • We dispose our fluids to companies that recycle: waste oils, coolant, and oil filters. We also recycle old battery’s and anything that has any kind of metals.
  • We do not let vehicles leak oils uncontained, to protect our storm water.
  • Our toilets are equipped with low water usage controls. All our shop flashlights are rechargeable to cut battery waste.
  • We have coated our floors with epoxy, so that we are able to mop up oil and other residue of each days work, rather than using a power spray.

And of course, we are most proud of the work that we do with our customers to make a difference every day. You are also a part of our sustainability efforts. When you notice a oil, fuel, or coolant leak and come in to let us repair it, we are minimizing run-off that flows into our lakes and oceans. Not to mention the preventative work we do to make sure that it doesn’t happen at all. And each time you take care of your regular maintenance, including tire alignment and tire pressure adjustment you save a precious limited resource: gasoline. We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of gasoline gallons by keeping cars running as they should: safely, reliably and efficiently.

Thank you for doing your part. We will continue to do ours, so that you can feel proud in knowing that your automotive repair shop is not only the best, but also works to make a difference for the planet.