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Truck Brake Repair in Escondido

Truck brake repair

Truck Brake Repair in San Diego and Escondido CA

Truck brake repair in Escondido and San Diego just got a lot easier with our truck brake repair service. We offer mobile service to repair your truck brakes and get you back on the highway again. Weather its a breakdown on the interstate or just preventive truck brake repair or maintenance we can keep you stopping safely for many miles. ‘We use quality truck brake parts and have a nationwide warranty against workmanship and defects. So if your big rig or RV needs new brakes we have you covered.


Truck and RV Air Brakes

Most big trucks have air brake systems which operate the brakes. We service and repair all truck air brakes from the brake pedal to the brake drums behind the wheels. We perform truck air brake repair with our mobile service or at our local truck brake repair shop in Escondido. We repair truck air brake systems mad by Bendix air brakes,’Industrial Brake & Supply,’Ceco Friction Products, Inc.,’Accent Bearings Co., Inc.,’Great Lakes Friction Products,’Velvac, Inc,’Riker Products Co.,’Knott Brake Co.,’Moog Automotive, and’AlliedSignal Automotive.


We perform the following truck brake repairs on trucks with air brakes:

Truck brake chamber repair and truck brake chamber replacement.

Truck brake air compressor repair and truck air compressor replacement.

Truck air line repair

Truck air brake valve replacement

Truck air brake s cam replacement

Truck air brake glad hands repair

Truck air brake slack adjuster replacement

Truck brake wheel cylinder replacement


Truck air line fitting repair

Truck air brake repair

Truck air brake drum replacement

Truck hub repair

Truck wheel bearing repair

Truck spindle repair

Truck bearing packing


Truck and RV Hydraulic Brakes

Truck brake booster repair

Truck brake caliper replacement

Truck brake master cylinder repair

Truck air brake drum replacement

Truck air brake rotor replacement


Give us a call for all your truck brake repair needs in San Diego and Escondido.