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Toyota Water Pump

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Its an unfortunate fact of Toyota ownership, the original Toyota water pump is a leaker. If your mechanic has told you about the red residue from a water pump leak then its time to get it replaced. We provide free second opinions and free quotes for Toyota water pump repairs. Our friendly staff will get your Toyota checked out in a jiffy and provide you with a free quote to replace your water pump with a quality upgraded OEM Toyota water pump guaranteed not to leak for at least 3 years and 36,000 miles.


Why do the Toyota Water Pumps leak?

Leaks are a simple result of an inferior seal used in the water pump housing. As the cooling system heats up it builds pressure and pushes against the seal. The seal becomes worn after a few years and it can no longer maintain the pressure boundary between the cooling system and the atmospheric pressure. The result is a leaking water pump. The long ter consequences can be substantial and costly if you do not replace your Toyota Water Pump at the first sign of leakage.

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