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Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance

San Diego, CA


Prius Battery Repair

Prius Engine Repair and Replacements

Flat Rate Pricing On Prius Repairs!

Just Stop Looking For A Better Price! Don’t Waste Time!

Escondido Auto Pros offers flat-rate pricing for our Toyota Prius Repairs. Come see the San Diego Prius Experts if you are in need of Prius Repair. We will continue to offer the lowest pricing available for your Prius repair needs. As long as we have the item in stock, we can guarantee the lowest price in town! 

Here are just some of the Prius repairs we offer at a flat rate:


2004-2009 Toyota Prius – Gen 2

  • Prius Hybrid Battery – $1550
  • Prius Inverter – $950
  • Prius Inverter Pump – $350
  • Prius ABS Module – $1250
  • Prius Engine – From $2550
  • Prius Transmission – $1500

20010-2015 Toyota Prius – Gen 3

  • Prius Hybrid Battery – $2050
  • Prius Inverter – $950
  • Prius ABS Module – $1300
  • Prius Engine – From $4250
  • Prius Transmission – $1950


**Prices May Change Based On Availability And Are Subject To Sales Tax.**

**Parts Mileage & Warranty May Change Based On Availability.**


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Prius Maintenance

Toyota Prius was deemed not only the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the US, but also the cheapest to maintain over a 10 Year period. Routinely, the Toyota Prius will last up to 300k Miles without a sweat. Make sure to properly maintain your Prius, and you will be rewarded with vehicle longevity and performance.We can help you with those maintenance needs whether it be oil changes, brakes, filter changes, and HVAC systems. We’ve got your covered.

Toyota Prius Repair

Even though the Toyota Prius is pretty much a carefree and low maintenance vehicle, we do sometimes run into repair needs. Escondido Auto Pros has been offering Toyota Prius Repair in San Diego for years and have 100’s of satisfied customers. The most often repaired part of the Prius is the Hybrid Battery. We offer reconditioned Hybrid Batteries for Toyota Prius and other Toyota vehicles. Other common issues are Inverter Coolant Pump leaks, ABS Module replacements, and Hybrid Inverter replacements. All of our work is backed by a 3yr 36k Mile warranty that will give you a peace of mind after spending your hard earned money on your Prius Repairs.



Toyota Prius Repair You Can Trust

Escondido Auto Pros has the experience and knowledge to properly repair and diagnose your Toyota Prius. We have the equipment, and the qualified Technicians to ensure that repairs are done by all Toyota repair guidelines. Our team receives ongoing training to stay up to day with all Toyota Prius repairs. All diagnostic procedures adhere to Toyota guidelines to provide the most accurate diagnosis of your vehicle.

Toyota Prius Repair Warning Signs

When do you need Prius Repair? Well fortunately new systems will give visible warning signs that there is a malfunction. Poor hybrid battery and engine performance is also another major warning sign. There are common trouble codes that the Prius will normally see. You might see codes : P0A80 – P3130 – P0A93 – P3125 – C1256


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  • Repair Diagnosis Accuracy 100% 100%
  • Average Savings Over Dealer Prices 55% 55%