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Summer Auto Service

Summer Auto Service

With summer right around the corner you may be thinking about that vacation and road trips. Lets talk about a few items that can make or break your road trip experience and how to ensure that your road trip is a success.



Everyone knows what tires are and why they are important. While its unlikely that your tires will wear out from one road trip you may have existing tire issues that cannot be seen from the motorist vantage point. A trip inspection and a regular service including a digital vehicle inspection will ensure that you know the full condition of your tires prior to embarking on that long journey. We offer competitive prices on tires and offer sam day installation.


Nothing ensures a smooth summer road trip like peace of mind. Do you know what the condition of your brake pads or brake shoes are? When is the last time a technician has measured your brake pads and shared with you the life expectancy of your brakes? Our digital vehicle inspections include measurements and pictures of all brakes that we think may need replacement within the next 12 months. That regular service interval combined with a digital vehicle inspection is the best way to stay on top of your brake pad condition and keep you vehicle ready for whatever fun the summer holds.


Driving on the highway for a long period of time is tiring enough without having to constantly pull on the steering wheel to keep the car in the lane. Driver fatigue is real and bad alignments or vehicles that are out of alignment contribute to driver fatigue and really bog down the mood on a long trip. ‘A routing vehicle service quick alignment check will let you know the current condition of your vehicles suspension and alignment. A thorough alignment with camber, caster, and toe adjustments is the best method to keep you in between the lane markers and prevent tire wear. Check our our alignment service coupons if you are heading out for a long drive.

Wheel balancing

When is the last time you drove your vehicle at highway speeds? How did it feel? ‘That shaking in the steering wheel is likely due to out of balance tires. The faster you drive, the more the effect of an out of balance tire is felt. ‘A tire balance service or wheel balancing should be part of every other regular service to ensure that your tires and wheels provide a shake free ride. Tire balancing requires sophisticated equipment that most shops cant afford. We have the latest computer wheel balancer and the training to balance your tires.

Air Conditioning

Whats the best part about air conditioning? ‘No sweating! ‘Getting a routine AC service before your summer driving season will ensure that your air conditioning system is at its peak performance and may uncover any potential issues. Ensuring your vehicle has the correct amount of refrigerant in the AC system provides for the best heat removal or cooling capacity possible. The end result of an AC service is that you are happy and your passengers are nice and cool for hours at a time.

Cooling System

We have all seen the arbitrary vehicle on the side of the road with the hood up and steam billowing out of the engine area. Lets not be that person! ‘Regular vehicle service at Escondido Auto Pros includes a cooling system visual inspection as part of our Digital Vehicle Inspection included in each oil change service. We check all of your cooling system hoses for age, leaks, and deterioration. We inspect your radiator visually for leaks or signs of cracks and notify you if we recommend further testing. A healthy cooling system is mandatory for the summer heat and your vehicle will let you know if its overheating at the least convenient time. ‘Cooling system service is a fundamental of vehicle care and should not be overlooked.



Here is a list of makes that we perform summer auto’service on:













Range Rover







Call us today to make an appointment for a summer vehicle service or road trip inspection.. Happy Motoring!


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