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Steering Repair in Escondido, CA

Whether you like to zip through Palomar Mountain State Park in your BMW M5 or maneuver through city traffic in your Toyota Sienna, your steering system allows you to maneuver your vehicle and make turns comfortably. When your power steering system is working correctly, you don’t notice it too much. But when it isn’t, it can be difficult to even turn the steering wheel. Your power steering system needs regular service, but too often car owners neglect their power steering fluid when it comes to auto repairs. If you are having problems with your power steering system, give our team at Escondido Auto Pros a call today!

What are some signs you may need steering repair?

  • It is difficult to turn the steering wheel
  • Steering wheel ‘?bounces’? while driving at high speeds
  • Vehicle sways from side to side while you drive

Escondido power steering repair specialists

We have technicians with years of experience repairing power steering systems. Thorough inspections of every component in the steering system is performed to detect leaks from the power steering pressure hose, power steering rack and pinion, power steering pump, and more.

Steering rack and pinion replacement

often due to leaking rack and pinion seals which allow the power steering fluid to leak into the rack and pinion boots and eventually swell up the boots and cause an external leak.

We recommend power rack and pinion replacement anytime fluid is leaking externally from the rack and pinion.

We offer the following Steering Repairs:

  • Rack and pinion replacement
  • Sealing of steering fluid leaks
  • Steering pressure hose replacement
  • Power steering fluid service

Honesty you can trust

We’re not going to mislead our customers. We value them too much. At Escondido Auto Pros, our technicians are going to answer each of your questions truthfully and we’ll let you know the full extent of your vehicle’s needs. You will be in control of your repair options, every step of the way.

We Warranty our Work

We can replace your power steering pressure hoses with new hoses that have a 2 year and 24,000 mile warranty.


We invite you to experience the Escondido Auto Pros advantage for your steering repairs.

“Quality service, knowledgeable service advisors and managers. They will explain the extent of the repair and answer honestly and truthfully which is hard to find!”




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