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Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Repair

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Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Repair

What are the warning signs that your Honda Accord Hybrid Battery or Honda Accord IMA Battery is failing? ‘Poor gas mileage,’ warning light illuminated, poor acceleration, these are all direct warning signs that its time for hybrid battery replacement. The Honda Accord IMA or Hybrid Battery is an entire module that contains several items such as the battery cells, bus bars, and a charging controller. We recommend replacing the entire battery module pack when attempting to correct any of the failure symptoms of they IMA battery.

Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Warranty

Our Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Repair and Rebuilds have a 5 Year Pro- Rated warranty. This includes parts and labor so that you can drive worry free for the next 5 years. Our Honda Accord Hybrid Repair and Rebuild’price is much less than the Honda Dealer while providing a better warranty and better service. There are many out there that offer rebuilds but we do not recommend using reconditioned cells from the packs. These cells deteriorate much faster than other hybrids and won’t last. We decided to only offer the best product for our customers, which are new individual cells for your hybrid pack.

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Give us a call to receive a competitive price on Honda Accord Hybrid battery repair and reconditioning in Escondido and San Diego County. Check our reviews on Yelp and Google and see how many satisfied customers we have helped over the years. If your looking for a quality Accord Hybrid Pack then contact us and we will give you the best option for your hard earned money!

Honda Accord Hybrid Battery

Honda Accord Hybrid Battery

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