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These services are often overlooked, as they are not part of the regular maintenance schedule for many cars. However, they are very important for some engines.

Direct Injection Engines have a big problem with carbon build-up. You could almost call it an epidemic. The car will run poorly, initially only when it’s cold, but over time the poor performance will take place as long as it’s running. Even in its early stages, it can begin to have an effect on fuel mileage.

Once the carbon has really built up, it requires a maintenance professional to remove the intake manifold and manually clean the valves. This, of course, is quite a bit of work, and fortunately can be avoided through preventative care, which can be scheduled during your next regular maintenance.

If you’ve noticed that your car is running poorly, particularly in the morning when it’s cold, come in for a free inspection so that we can check your engine for carbon build-up, as well as other possible issues.

If you’re not sure whether your car has a Direct Injection Engine, check the back of your vehicle for the letters ‘?GDI.’? Most newer Audi’s, Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW’s are fitted with this kind of engine, as well as many other cars.

Did You Know?

Direct Injection Engine’s were originally designed for Formula 1 race cars. Each Formula 1 teams spends hundreds of millions of dollars in Research & Development, simply to stay in the race. Did you know that if your car is younger than 10 years old you have Formula 1 technology?