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Front End Alignment

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Front End Alignment in Escondido

Sometimes its best to keep it simple when talking about alignments. Front end alignments are a basic type of alignment for your vehicle in which only the alignment settings for the front wheel are adjusted. This is common for for trucks, vans, SUV’s, and many older vehicles which are rear wheel drive. We always check the alignment at all four wheels, but a front end alignment only adjusts the settings associated with the front wheels.

Why get a front end alignment?

What are the common warning signs that you may need your alignment checked at the front end of your vehicle? Most obvious is that your steering wheel may be off center and tilted to the left or right while driving down a straight road. Other signs include pulling or constant pressure required to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane while driving. If your your arm gets tired from driving then you likely have an issue with your front end alignment.

What happens if I don’t do a front end alignment?

The most expensive and most common result of a bad alignment is excessive and premature tire wear. You tires may be scrubbing, skidding, or sliding across the road instead of rotating purely in the direction of travel. Excessive inward tilting of you tires will surely mean that a new set of tires is in your future. Make sure you get your front end’s alignment checked and adjusted during your next tire purchase. Save time and money and get it all take care of here in Escondido at Escondido Auto Pros.

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