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Catalytic Converter Replacement

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Do you have the dreaded P0420 check engine light code? Or high NOX during a smog test?

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter has a unique job. It converts harmful exhaust gasses into environmental friendly gasses and water. Most catalytic converters are three way converters, this means that three different chemical reactions occur inside the catalytic converter. Here is a breakdown of the there chemical reactions that your catalytic converter is responsible for accomplishing:

1. Reduction – The catalytic converter takes Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and converts it to nitrogen and oxygen which are both harmless to the environment. NOX is responsible for acid rain and corrosion within the environment.

2. Oxidation – Carbon Monoxide (CO) is converted to carbon dioxide (CO2). This is a very important reaction because it takes a deadly and poisonous gas and converts it into a gas used by plants and trees.

3. Oxidation – Hydrocarbons or unburned fuel are also broken down into harmless components by the catalytic converter. Hydrocarbons are converted into water and carbon dioxide which explains why you always see water dripping from the tailpipe on a vehicle.


Not all Catalytic Converters are created equal

Only certain California Air Resources Board catalytic converters can be installed as replacement converters in the state of California. This means two things, 1. California converters are unique to the state of california so they are produced in limited numbers which means they are more expensive. 2. The catalytic converter must be the exact prescribed replacement for your vehicle and more specifically the engine family number which means that no one can reliably quote you a catalytic converter replacement price without seeing the vehicle first to verify the engine family number.

Call us first

Knowing that a shop must look at the vehicle before giving an accurate quote we recommend that you call us and make an appointment for a free diagnostic of your catalytic converter and a quote to replace it with a california approved converter.


Catalytic Converter Replacement in Escondido

Catalytic Converter Replacement in Escondido

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