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All you need to know about Brake Shake

We all know the sensation’but may never realize what causes it. You are coasting down a hill and press the brake pedal and suddenly the steering wheel begins to shake and you feel the pulsation in the brake pedal. Brake shake is typically caused by 3 separate conditions and worsened by many others. If you are experiencing brake shake then we recommend that you visit your local Escondido auto service center or auto repair shop for a closer look. Some steering problems can amplify brake shake such as loose tie rod ends or loose wheel bearings. Before you go read up on the causes so you will better understand what may be the cause of your car’s brake shake.

Causes of brake shake

1. Warped Brake Rotors (or excessive brake rotor runout)

Warped brake rotors cause the brake caliper and brake pads to move side to side very quickly when stopping. This movement causes the steering wheel and brake pedal to shake when stopping. Warped brake rotors are caused by many factors but most commonly excessive heat and uneven mounting surfaces.

2.Brake Rotor Thickness Variation(Excessive Brake Disc parallelism variation)

When your brake discs are not of a uniform thickness then the brake pads are pushed in and out of the brake caliper during braking. This causes a vibration or brake shake to be felt through the steering and braking system. Brake rotor thickness variations are usually caused by defects in the brake rotor that become more prominent with age of the rotor and use.

3. Warped’Brake Drums

Brake drums become warped over time due to excessive and uneven heating and cooling of the brake drum. When the brake drum is warped it pushes against the brake shoes unevenly while braking. This causes an unusual sensation of either pulsation or jerking while slowing down. This sensation is usually felt in the seat more than in the brake pedal or steering.

How to repair brake shake

Brake shake is most effectively repaired by replacing the brake rotors (discs) or brake drums. Escondido CA has a lot of surrounding hill country that really stresses your auto brake system. To ensure reliable brake performance we always recommend replacing the brake rotors and the brake pads when correcting brake shake. Attempting to re-surface or machine the brake rotors usually results in the return of the brake shake within a few drive cycles due to the lasting damage to the brake rotors.’

Have a thorough brake inspection performed to determine the cause of the brake shake and the best method of repair.’

Brake repair in escondido ca

Brake repair for brake shake usually means replacing your brake rotors