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Brake Pads

A vehicle is designed with very few parts that are intended to be abused and discarded. Your brake pads are one such component. They are designed to be used in a harsh environment, used up, and replaced. Aside from that your brake pads have an interesting story to tell. We all expect that when we hit our brake pedal that our car stops, quickly, and quietly. Well those two characteristics can be tough to acheive at the same time but modern brake pads do just that. They provide that confident feel of decelleration when you push on the brake pedal while not making so much as a peep of noise. Brake pads wear depending on driving style, pad design, and environment. Regular service intervals allow your service advisor to inform you of the condition of your brakes more frequently and allow you to plan for brake pad replacement when its convienent for you and your wallett. Regular brake inspections ensure that you are not surprised with unplanned brake service or worse, grinding brakes and an expensive tow bill. When it comes to brake pad replacement you get what you pay for. Sure you can always find a $20 box of brake pads but remember the two jobs your brake pads have? The cheap brake pads will struggle to accomplish either of those, and one of those jobs is stopping your car!. Plan ahead for brake pad replacement and brake jobs and plan on using quality brake parts to ensure your own satisfaction and safety.

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