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Auto Electrical Service in Escondido, CA

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Your vehicle’s electrical system is critical. It is comprised of key components such as the starter, the alternator, and the battery, in addition to powering other smaller components such as the radio and AC. Without a working electrical system, your vehicle won’t even start. The alternator, battery, and starter all work together to keep electrical current flowing, and the complex system can sometimes wear down over time. If you are having issues with your auto electrical system, feel free to give us a call!

What are some signs you need auto electrical service?

  • Your engine won’t start
  • Your vehicle needs a jump
  • You smell burning from under the hood
  • Your battery is dead
  • You hear grinding coming from under the hood
  • Your alternator light is lit

Your destination for Auto Electrical Service in Escondido

Whether you own a 1989 Honda Civic or a 2014 BMW X5, the alternator and battery are still the main focal point of the electrical system. However, technology is different in a classic car from a brand-new car. Rest assured, the team of experienced ASE-Certified Technicians at Escondido Auto Pros can handle any and all of your auto electrical service needs.

Honesty you can trust

We believe that honesty is the best policy you can have. We never overcharge our customers or provide them with misleading information. Our technicians will let you know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle after diagnostic testing of your alternator and charging system, and then we’ll provide you with all of your repair or servicing options. You get to decide how your vehicle will get repaired.

We offer the following Auto Electrical Services:

  • Battery testing
  • Battery replacement
  • Starter testing and repair
  • Alternator testing and repair

We invite you to experience the Escondido Auto Pros advantage for your Auto Electrical System repairs.

“Quality service, knowledgeable service advisors and managers. They will explain the extent of the repair and answer honestly and truthfully which is hard to find!”




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