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Auto Dealership Reconditioning Service

We are currently offering Auto Reconditioning Services for Dealerships in the Northern San Diego area. There are plenty of dealerships around San Diego, but why blend in with the rest? Offer a better vehicle that you can be confident in selling with no issues. By offering a better vehicle you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Our inspection process can offer complete transparency between dealerships and potential customers. Want to learn how? Contact us today.


Auto Dealership Reconditioning Service – Sample Package: $299.00

DVI – Complete Digital Vehicle Inspection with complete PDF report

AC Service – Inspection and Service system

Oil Change – Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic

Air / Cabin Filter Change – OEM Filters


+ Discounted’Flat Labor Rates only available to Auto Dealers

+ Guaranteed % markup on all parts

We can create any package that will cater to you and your business!

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