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Air Conditioning Repair in Escondido, CA


In need of Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service? We know having a working air conditioner in your vehicle is crucial to getting through the summer months. Whether you live in Escondido, San Marcos, Oceanside, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Rancho Bernardo, Vista, Rancho Penasquitos, or San Diego, an air conditioner that doesn’t work can leave you and your vehicle vulnerable to the heat. An air conditioner that doesn’t work could indicator other issues with your vehicle’s electrical system, too. So if your AC isn’t working, feel free to bring your vehicle into Escondido Auto Pros and let us run some tests. We have the best prices on auto air conditioning repair in Escondido and offer special discounts to first time customers.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

What are some signs you need Auto Air Conditioning Repair

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on or isn’t as strong as usual
  • Strange sounds coming from the air conditioner
  • An unusual smell is coming from the air conditioner

What makes up your AC system?

AC Compressor – Your car’s AC compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system. I provides the pumping force to move the refrigerant throughout your AC system. The AC Compressor is either belt driven by your engine or electrically driven (most hybrid vehicles). The AC compressor requires regular service to ensure maximum life. Performing routine AC system services ensures that the proper amount of refrigerant is in your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system and your AC compressor functions at peak efficiency. When your car’s AC compressors fail they fail in one of two ways:

  1. AC compressor clutch failure– The AC compressor clutch is an electromagnet coil behind a pulley and a drive plate. The electromagnetic coil pulls the drive plate against the pulley and causes the pulley to turn the drive plate and the compressor drive shaft. When the clutch fails it is normally cheaper to replace the entire AC compressor instead of attempting the delicate procedure of replacing the clutch and re-using the old AC Compressor. Common AC clutch failures are:
  • Over time the clutch can wear out from friction from engaging and disengaging.
  • The bearings in the pulley may fail over time since they are not serviceable.
  • The electromagnetic coil may degrade and develop an electrical short or open circuit.
  1. Internal compressor mechanical failure– The Ac compressor is similar to a small engine internally. It has many moving parts that wear against each other. When an automotive AC compressor fails internally it usually contaminates much of the air conditioning’system with metal debris. In addition to replacing the AC compressor this contamination requires replacement of the substantial components such as the condensor, dryer, orifice or expansion valve, and a complete flushing of the system.

AC Condenser – The AC Condenser performs a vital role in removing heat from the vehicle’s AC system. Air conditioning condensers are located in front of you vehicle’s radiator to ensure it receives a maximum amount of fresh airflow. The condenser allows outside air to remove heat from the compressed refrigerant or freon. As the refrigerant is cooled it changes from a gas to a liquid or condenses which is why it’s called the condenser. Ensuring you condenser is free of clogs like excessive dirt or bugs ensures maximum airflow and the best cooling potential for your auto AC system. AC condensers are susceptible to rock damage from the road and may leak over time. We check your condenser for leaks, clogs, and damage during every AC system service.

Expansion Device – Your AC system is equipped with either an Expansion Valve or an Orifice Tube that regulates the flow of refrigerant through your AC system. The expansion device requires replacement during any other major repair which the AC system is open to the environment.

Dryer – Every AC system is equipped with either a receiver/dryer or accumulator which is designed to hold excessive refrigerant and also absorb moisture that may be trapped within the system. The dryer must be replaced whenever the system is open to the environment for repairs.

Evaporator – The AC Evaporator is located in the passenger compartment and is where the refrigerant absorbs heat from air inside the vehicle. This absorbing action causes the liquid refrigerant to boil and evaporate. The refrigerant then carries the heat outside of the vehicle where it is transferred to the outside air. Evaporator leaks result in a musty odor in the vehicle combined with a decrease in AC cooling.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Your destination for Auto Air Conditioner repair in Escondido

When you stop into Escondido Auto Pros, our team is going to make sure that you understand exactly what’s going on with your vehicle. We’ll run diagnostic tests on all components of your air conditioner system for leaks and malfunctioning parts. We want to ensure that your air conditioner stays up and running for a long time. That’s why we’ll inform you of your air conditioner’s condition after diagnostics are complete, and we’ll let you know all of your repair options. You can trust us to provide you with affordable service that you can rely on.

Only high quality OEM and aftermarket Air Conditioner parts

Whether you need a new cabin filter or a new AC compressor, we only use high quality OEM and aftermarket air conditioner parts because we want to ensure that your repair will last.

Basic Car Air Conditioning service includes:

  • System performance test
  • Leak Check
  • Up to 2lbs R-134A to recharge and perform performance test and top off as needed
  • Full consultation and estimate if repairs are needed
  • Cooling system inspection

Note: Additional fees apply for electrical diagnostics or any repairs that may be required. We cannot service any vehicle that has been repaired or tampered with by the customer. Additional fees apply to remove refrigerant upon the completion of service if the system has a leak or if the customer requests the system to be evacuated.

Premium Auto AC service in Escondido includes:

  • Basic A/C service package
  • Evaporator deodorizer service to remove musty smell and mold from evaporator core in the dash vents.
  • New cabin air filter to ensure the cleanest air is entering your air conditioning system.

We invite you to experience the Escondido Auto Pros advantage for your Air Conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning Repair Services:

  • Refrigerant recharging (AC system service)
  • Condenser fan repair and replacement
  • AC compressor replacement
  • AC condenser replacement
  • AC system electrical repair
  • Vent diagnostics and repair
  • and much more!


We Can Help With Your Auto AC System Service And Repair!

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