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Your car’s air conditioning system works best when serviced regularly

Auto Air Conditioning in Escondido CA’

Tips for a cool summer

Have you ever notice that your car’s AC system just doesn’t get cold enough when its hot outside? Auto air conditioning systems are filled with a working gas called refrigerant. The refrigerant is what absorbs the heat inside the car and carries it outside of the. ‘Over time the tiny molecules of the refrigerant may seep out of system seals and connections one molecule at a time. Eventually there is not enough refrigerant to absorb the large amount of heat inside the vehicle and that means the air that comes out of your vents is not cold enough to cool down your vehicle. ‘Here are a few handy tips to maximize your vehicles cooling during hot days.


1. Roll down the windows for the first few minutes

Due the the large amount of glass windows on your vehicle it is subject to the greenhouse effect or trapped heat inside the vehicle raising the internal temperature of the vehicle. After sitting in the Escondido sun, your car will actually be hotter inside than the temperature outside of the vehicle on hot days. This causes an extreme load on your auto ac’cin escondido ca’which means that it takes longer to cool down the inside of your car. The best recommendation is to roll down all of the windows to allow the heat to escape quickly and the inside temperature of the car to stabilize at the lower outside air temperature. After a few minutes roll up the windows and let the AC get to work. Trust us, your Air Conditioning system will thank you.

2. Use the outside air only setting (do not use recirculate setting) until the vehicle starts to cool down.

Just like in the first tip above the air inside the car is much warmer than outside air. Your car’s air conditioning system can cool off the outside air to a much lower temperature than the hotter inside air. This means cooler air for you in the first few minutes of driving. Once the inside of the car starts to cool off go ahead and switch to recirculate or “Max” ac and take advantage of the re-cooling of the inside air.

3. Have your AC system performance checked annually and serviced when recommended.

Your local Escondido auto repair shop can quickly check your AC system performance and let you know if it is cooling to its full potential.Measuring the vent outlet temperature is the best way to know the cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. ‘AC system services are recommended when your auto AC system cannot meet cooling standards based on the manufacturers guidance.


Make sure to contact your local mechanic early to have your AC system checked before we hit the warm season in Escondido.